Sculpture Workshop starts Friday 12th June


Friday 12th June 2015


Friday 12th June 2015


The Lodge, Hall Place, Bourne Road, Bexley, Kent DA5 1PG


I am very happy to be able to send out information for the first Sculpture workshop.

This workshop is open to everyone, so please invite any friends or family who might be interested.

The first workshop will start on 12th June at 11am until 2pm and will be called, 'Understanding Form'. This workshop will be the first of two in this project which will span over 3 weeks, in June.

This workshop 'Drawing as a Sculptor' will be a guided drawing exercise, where the members of the group will be able to enjoy the
grounds and buildings of Hall Place, exploring form with drawing.

The workshop will start at 11am in the sculpture area of the lodge with a 15-30 minute talk and introduction to the drawing exercise, what we will be looking for and exploring through drawing.

The group will then be able to freely walk around the grounds and buildings of Hall Place to draw what they see, and I will try and visit everyone over the two hours that we will be out drawing.

We will then all come back to the Lodge at 1.30pm for a half hour seminar, to talk about the drawings and the feelings, memories and thoughts that Hall Place grounds and buildings have inspired while we have been drawing.

You will need:
Paper or drawing pad, pencils/sharpeners/erasers, or charcoal and
mastic or erasers.

I will have as much material out on tables as I can find at The Lodge for people to use if there is any difficulty in bringing your own.

You may also like to bring lunch.

If it is raining we will still be going ahead with the workshop, but the talks will be inside the lodge.