3rd Sculpture Workshop 26th June 2015


26th June 2015


26th June 2015


The Lodge Hall Place Bourne Road Bexley DA5 1PG


Thank you to everyone who turned up for the second workshop on Friday 19th June.

8 people managed to fit in at one time, quite a squeeze, but everyone enjoyed it and did some fabulous work which was put on display and photographed by Rob Fairclough on the day. Rob, who was sitting quietly and observing that day, will be writing up a wonderful blog, which will also be printed out and shared on the noticeboard.

The same workshop will be repeated on Friday 26th June 2015, for anyone who didn't make it on the 19th and would like a go at creating some 3d work with the materials that we have. Please remember to email Christie, so that she can prepare for how many will be coming.

Bring any interesting recyclables or junk that you feel you would like to use to good effect in your sculpture; milk bottle lids, potpourri, paper, card, coloured gravel, sticks, old knitting and broken pottery were used in the second workshop all bound together with the clay, glue gun, and plaster that Centrepieces provided.

A huge thank you for the money that has been donated in our first two workshops, already we have £10 to go towards our materials!

The next workshop is on Friday, 26th June 2015, starting at 11 am and finishing at about 1 pm.

Remember to bring any imaginative additions to this sculpture making event, such as old books, clothes, even dried food can be used, preserved or painted, also toys, or collections of things such as lids, Plastic bags etc. Think big! ;)*

Here's a link for the sculpture of one of my favourite artists David Mach, who uses a lot of recyclable or throw away materials, take a look! :)